Basic Education and Gender Equality

Program : Gender Equality and Basic Education


Improving Education Quality


• 93% of girls and boys aged 6 to 11 years access a quality basic education
• significantly reduce dropout in primary education
• Support the process of developing the competency-based approach in all primary schools


• Advocacy
• Adoption of measures aiming at improving education’s quality of as well as teachers’ motivation and performance
• Support initiatives likely to improve school performance especially within the most vulnerable children through an approach sensitive to gender and area disparities
• Support life skills learning (including the way to protect against HIV / AIDS)

Major Activities

• Improving teachers training and supervision
• Supporting the Ministry of Education in providing adequate teaching materials to both teachers and students;
• Fostering school knowledge level through pedagogical innovations
• Improving access to the Internet in primary schools
• Supporting the development of a data collection system to routinely produce reliable and relevant statistical data 


French Development Agency,


Ratio of girls to boys in primary education
Percentage of schools offering a quality school environment (CFS label)
Completion rate of primary education without repeating
Percentage of teachers applying innovative teaching approaches
Availability of manuals and guides



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