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Please note, additional guidelines in video format are available at https://www.unicef.org/disabilities/index_71294.html 

 cover-19 guidance cover 

COVID-19:Considerations for Children and Adults with Disabilities

We are pleased to share a guidance note on considerations for children and adults with disabilities in the COVID-19 response. The guidance describes what we need to know about the situation of persons with disabilities in COVID-19 response, and what we need to do in five key points..The guidance will be revised as the situation evolves.

English -  Spanish - Arabic - Russian - Accessible word - EPUB - Braille - Easy to ReadHTML(zip)   Infographic: Considerations for children and adults with disabilities

 Risk Communication - Engaging with Children and Adults with Disabilities for COVID-19 

COVID-19: Engaging with Children and Adults with Disabilities 

Tips for UNICEF country offices and partners on key considerations when planning to engage with children and adults with disabilities for COVID-19 response.

Word - Accessible wordPDF - EPUB - Braille - Easy to ReadHTML(zip) - Russian

 cover of Guidance on strengthening disability inclusion in Humanitarian Response Plans 

Guidance on strengthening disability inclusion in Humanitarian Response Plans - 2019
Persons with disabilities are disproportionately affected by humanitarian crises and face significant barriers to accessing humanitarian assistance. This guidance presents steps to be taken to better reflect the needs and capacities of persons with disabilities in Humanitarian Needs Overviews and Humanitarian Response Plans, in order to inform a more inclusive humanitarian response.
The guidance was developed jointly by UNICEF, OCHA, UNHCR, IOM, WFP and WHO, with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID).  

 Cover of Inclusive ECD and ECF global survey

Inclusive ECD and ECI global survey  - 2019 
RISE institute, UNICEF and the ECD Task Force (ECDtf)
of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd).

 Tips for Communicating with children with disabilities

Tips on communicating with children with disabilities - 2019 
Practical information on how to speak with a child or adolescent with a disability

 cover of investment case for accessible wash paper

The Case for Investment in Accessible and Inclusive WASH - 2018 

Using current evidence and testimony from more than 60 WASH experts in 30 countries, this technical paper highlights evidence to argue that accessible and inclusive WASH is achievable at low cost, by using universal design, community-driven change, and existing knowledge, expertise and methods. The paper provides starting points to understand the impact of and case for accessible and inclusive WASH.

 [PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file]; [Arabic]; [French]; [Spanish]

wash factsheet 

Advocating for Investment in Accessible and Inclusive WASH - 2018

Factsheet summarizing the evidence for accessible and inclusive WASH based on the Case for Investment in Accessible and Inclusive WASH. A quick reference for WASH and Disability actors when advocating for investment in WASH that is accessible and inclusive of children and adults with disabilities. 

 [PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file]; [Arabic]; [French]; [Spanish]

 cover of disabilities in armed conflict report

Children with Disabilities in Situations of Armed Conflict - 2018
A Discussion Paper
PDF version
Easy to read version
ePub version

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 UNICEF Guidance: Including Children with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

UNICEF Guidance: Including Children with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action - 2017

Available on the website below in English, French, Arabic and accessible formats


Inclusive Education Booklet cover   

Inclusive Education Booklets and Webinars - 2016
The series is intended to provide practical guidance to UNICEF staff and their partners on the issues of Inclusive Education with a focus on children with disabilities, by exploring specific concerns, policy and implementation issues specific to thematic areas.

cover of wash investment case

Guidance note: Disability Inclusive WASH Practices – Including people with disabilities in UNICEF Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programming - 2016
[PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file]; [Arabic]; [French]; [Spanish]
Key considerations and actions to advance the work of disability inclusion and accessibility in the provision of WASH services. For each of the stages of the results-based management programme cycle, practical entry points are presented for including persons with disabilities. Case studies from WASH programmes illustrate how these entry points have been implemented on the ground.

Good practicies in accessible WASH report

Good Practices in the provision of Accessible and Inclusive WASH services - UNICEF Country Offices - 2015
The report highlights key programmes and activities that show innovation and best practice in reaching and empowering children and adults with disabilities in relation to WASH.
UNICEF Accessible and Inclusive WASH Mapping   [PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file] 
UNICEF Accessible and Inclusive WASH Matrix [PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file];
WASH and Disability -Mapping Good Practices Brochure [PDF]; [e-Pub]; [HTML-zip file]; [Daisy-zip file];

Assistive Technology paper cover

Assistive Technology for Children with Disabilities - 2015

Creating Opportunities for Education, Inclusion and Participation

[Daisy- zip file] [HTML- zip file] [ePub] [Easy to read - PDF]

Two Pager on Disability in SDGs cover

Two pager on Disability in SDGs - 2015

Issue Brief: the rights of children with disabilities

Advocacy tools on inclusive education cover

Advocacy Tools on Inclusive Education - 2015 
[English - zip file] [French - zip file]  [Spanish - zip file]

 Take Us Seriously Document Cover

Take Us Seriously: Engaging Children with Disabilities in Decisions Affecting their Lives - 2015
[PDF] [ Easy to Read PDF] [ebook] [HTML - zip file ] [Daisy - zip file]
Spanish [PDF] French [PDF]

Victim Assistance Paper Cover

Assistance to Victims of Land Mines and Explosive Remnants of War - 2014

Guidance on Child Focused Victim Assistance

 SOWC 2013 

The State of the World’s Children 2013: Children with Disabilities

[English] [French] [Video Summary]

Thematic Flyers: Education; Health; Child protection; HIV/AIDS; Nutrition; 
Data collection; Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); Gender; ECDNutrition

Disability Factsheet Cover

Factsheet on Children With Disabilities - 2013
Provides a global snapshot of the key issues affecting the lives of children with disabilities and an overview of evidence currently available.

Synergy paper cover

Using the human rights framework to promote the rights of children with Disabilities: Discussion Paper - 2013

An analysis of the synergies between CRC, CRPD and CEDAW – 2013
Available at: https://www.unicef.org/disabilities/files/Synergies_paper_V6_Web_REVISED.pdf
Spanish [PDF] French [PDF] [Daisy - zip file] [HTML - zip file] [ePub]

Sitan for children with disabilities cover

UNICEF Guidelines for Disability Situation Analyses - Guidance - 2013

 Inclusive nutrition for children and adults with disabilities cover

Inclusive nutrition for children and adults with disabilities - 2013

Evidence-based article, published online in The Lancet, August 19, 2013 by Nora E Groce, Marko Kerac, Amy Farkas, Werner Schultink, Rosangela Berman Bieler. The article provides strong links between nutrition, disability, poverty and human rights.

ECD and Disability document cover

Early Childhood development and Disability: A discussion paper. UNICEF and WHO - 2012 

The Right of Children with Disabilities to Education - 2012

 A Rights-Based Approach to Inclusive Education


Guidance for Establishing a National Partnership on Children with Disabilities (NPcwd) - 2012

 Cover photo of HIV and Disability

HIV and AIDS and Disability -  Towards an AIDS-Free Generation - 2012

Promoting Community- Based Strategies for and with Children with Disabilities

Monitoring Children with Disabilities Document Cover 

Monitoring Child Disability in Developing Countries- Results from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys - 2008 

Despite the global interest in child disability, relatively little is known about the situation of children with disabilities, particularly in developing countries. As a first step toward addressing this paucity of information, UNICEF recommended inclusion of a disability module, the Ten Questions screen for child disability, in its Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS).

It's About Ability 

It’s About AbilityAn explanation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - 2008 
This publication explains the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to children. It's main purpose is to empower children, with and without disabilities, to play their part in challenging discrimination and promoting the Convention's principles.

Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities 

Innocenti Digest No. 13 Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities - 2007 

The Innocenti Digest on Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities attempts to provide a global perspective on the situation of the some 200 million children with disabilities. The Digest is based on reports from countries across regions and from a wide range of sources.

Key Programme-related Disability Resources




Ali Finds A Way!

Photo of Ali Finds a Way comic book cover
The comic book tackles the important issues of addressing inequalities, “leaving no one behind” and the empowerment and inclusion of all people, including those with disabilities.
PDF version


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