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Communicating with children

Be age-appropriate

Principle 1 - Communication should be age-appropriate and child-friendly

Children need and have a right to clear and interesting child-centred (not adult-centred) communication. As previously mentioned, children at different stages have very different needs and interests and learn in different ways from different media/materials. This means that children need exposure to a variety of genres and content. It is crucial to keep in mind that simply adding child-like characters or a child-friendly production format, such as using animation or comics, does not automatically make something “appropriate for children”.

Even countries without significant access or resources can today locally produce a wide variety of low-cost communication for children and respond to the letter and spirit of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by ensuring that they produce something appropriate for each age group.

Guidelines for Principle 1

  1A - Be age-appropriate
  1B - Encourage and model interaction
  1C - Use special effects wisely



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