Child rights and business


UNICEF works with business to embed children's rights considerations across their activities, operations and relationships. UNICEF influences business behaviour directly and through key industry associations, using their networks and channels of influence to take action on child rights.

Children are not only rights holders, but they are also stakeholders in business as companies interact with them on a daily basis as workers, consumers and community members. Despite this children have not been adequately considered by business. The incorporation of children’s rights into corporate due diligence processes is most often limited to child labour. Yet the impact of business on children extend to such issues as product design and advertising, the behaviour of staff or subcontractors towards children, community resettlement and children’s rights in the supply and value chain.

This video takes you through a visual journey of what children’s rights in business means; from the Convention on the Right of the Child to the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. It makes the case for children’s rights in business including through the voice of business leaders.