Country perspectives

Chidren breaking stones at a quarry
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Here are some examples at country level of collaboration between UNICEF and private corporations:

IKEA: Integrated approach to child labour

In partnership with UNICEF, the IKEA Foundation supports education and child protection projects aimed at addressing the root causes of child labour and promoting quality education for children aged 6 to 14, benefiting over 20 million children in India and Pakistan. Activities include raising awareness and mobilizing rural communities to protect the rights of all children and support their education, as well as ensuring access to quality education by supporting child-friendly teaching methods to facilitate better learning and retain children in schools. Read more. [PDF]

The Walt Disney Company: "Preventing Child Labour and Promoting Children's Well-Being: A Focus on the Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain in Vietnam"

In August 2015 UNICEF concluded an agreement with the Walt Disney Company to implement a project against child labour in Vietnam. The 2-year project, will be implemented by UNICEF's Country Office and conduct a study on the impact of the apparel and footwear sector in Vietnam on children, customize a supply chain toolkit for the industry to help prevent child labour and protect children, build supplier capacity and implement factory programs to prevent child labour, and publish a Good Practice Guide for wider industry learning purposes. The summary of the impact assessment will be featured soon.

Child labour in the cocoa value chain

Child labour remains a serious concern in the production of cocoa products. In Koffikro, southwest Cote d'Ivoire, child protection committees are going door to door advocating against child labour. One of those who has benefitted is Halima, 10, who used to work in the cocoa fields but is now in school and dreams of becoming a teacher. Read more about Halima's story. [PDF]

Burkina Faso: Getting children out of gold mines

In Burkina Faso, thousands of children labour in gold mine, seeking to support themselves and their families. A UNICEF-supported project is helping them to get out by teaching them new skills. Read more. [PDF]