Children’s Rights and Business Atlas

UNICEF is proud to launch of the Children’s Rights and Business Atlas, in partnership with the Global Child Forum. The atlas is a first of its kind interactive, data-driven platform which attempts to put indicators to the Children’s Rights and Business Principles across 198 countries and territories, broken down by the 10 Global Industry Classification Standard groupings. This tool can serve as an entry point for including informed children’s rights examinations into all due-diligence frameworks. This tool allows business to highlight which areas are of specific concern in their areas of operation and industrial sector, to encourage them to find ways to address these issues including multi-stakeholder engagements and involvement of local authorities. The Atlas will be continually improved to provide increasingly accurate data, as well and improve utility to business. The information from the Atlas may be used to inform a broader human rights due diligence process. The Atlas should be considered as only one of several resources to help companies evaluate children’s rights. Businesses looking to take proactive steps on children’s rights should seek to engage with children’s rights experts and stakeholders – including UNICEF – or directly with national or local governments.

Access the Children’s Rights and Business Atlas here: