Establishing a family friendly workplace

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A family wearing traditional dress sits together in their home in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The indispensable role of parents and other adult caregivers in raising and protecting their children, providing for them materially and emotionally and enabling their development is widely accepted. The CRC recognises the family as the fundamental unit of society and the ideal environment for the growth and wellbeing of children. Parents should be afforded the necessary protection and assistance to fulfil their responsibilities within the community and to their children. Companies can make an important contribution to children’s rights by establishing family-friendly workplaces where employees are supported in meeting both their work commitments and family responsibilities. 

What your company can do:

  • Understand the meaning of an adequate living wage in your country situation and ensure the provision of decent working conditions to your employees, including those in your supply chain.
  • Protect employees’ reproductive health, giving special consideration to pregnant women.
  • Prevent discrimination against pregnant women and mothers.
  • Create a mother-friendly work environment.
  • Provide appropriate childcare facilities for working parents as an investment in your workforce.
  • Take into account the needs of workers with family responsibilities.
  • Implement policies that allow employees to reconcile family and working responsibilities at all stages of their lives.
  • Ensure that employee housing and services are safe and suitable for resident children.
  • Expect your employees to create a family-friendly workplace for domestic workers.