Boy pistols drawing wall
© UNICEF/NYHQ2010-1152/Olivier Asselin
On 10 June, a boy sits against a wall covered with drawings of weapons and military vehicles, including guns and a helicopter, in a transit and orientation centre for former child soldiers, in N’Djaména, the capital.

The corporate responsibility to respect includes:

a. Respecting children’s rights in security arrangements
i. When making and implementing security arrangements, whether with public or private security service providers, conduct human rights due diligence with particular attention to any adverse impact on the rights of children.
ii. Ensure that respect for the rights of children is explicitly addressed in the business’s security contracts.
iii. Do not recruit or use children in security arrangements either directly orthrough private or public security service providers.

The corporate commitment to support includes:

b. Supporting children’s rights in security arrangements
All business is encouraged to apply evolving best practices in the management of security services provided by private contractors or public security forces.

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