Children's Rights and the Workplace

Girl in the train
© UNICEF/NYHQ2011-0215/Sebastian Rich
Five-year-old Kiara sells goods to commuters in a train car in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The well-publicised fight against child labour has received strength from the focused attention and concerted action by multiple stakeholders, including responsible businesses, over the last 20 years. But promoting a workplace that respects children’s and young workers’ rights is about much more than the end of child labour.

This section highlights the steps that companies can take to respect and support children’s rights as well as promote a family-friendly workplace. In its four sections, this page also highlights the positive impact that companies can have in supporting parents via family-friendly policies and how companies can be a responsible employer of young people of legal working age and promote decent youth employment.

Four ways in which your business can promote children’s rights in the workplace are:

  • Establishing a family-friendly workplace
  • Addressing and preventing child labour
  • Respecting the rights of young workers
  • Ensuring the protection and safety of children in all business activities and facilities