Children's Rights and the Marketplace

marketplace in old sanaa
© UNICEF/NYHQ2007-1698/Giacomo Pirozzi
The marketplace bustles with activity in Old Sanaa, the historic centre of Sanaa, Yemen.

Products and services impact children as consumers and when they are involved in testing of products. It recommends approaches that companies can take to prevent their products and services from being misused to exploit or harm children. 
This section also highlights the powerful influence of marketing and advertising on children and the increasing attention business, governments and civil society actors are paying to this issue. It proposes actions your company can take to eliminate negative marketing impacts and create positive messages for children.


Two ways in which your business can promote children’s rights in the marketplace are:

  • Ensuring that products and services are safe, and seek to support children’s rights through them
  • Using marketing and advertising that respect and support children’s rights.