UNICEF national Goodwill Ambassadors

A voice for the most vulnerable groups of children


UNICEF’s National Ambassadors in Croatia help provide a voice for the most vulnerable groups of children.

Mirna Medaković Stepinac

Mirna Medaković Stepinac was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Early Childhood Development on 1 December 2018, at the opening of UNICEF’s Museum of Reality in the Zagreb Grič Tunnel. Since 2013 Mirna has been an active and public supporter of UNICEF’s work on the promotion of child participation and the development of reading skills and early childhood education. As a mother of two daughters, she supports the promotion of breastfeeding and the right of every child to a warm family home.

"I hope to also be a voice for parents, too, because raising and taking care of children is not an easy job, but it is the most important one and parents have the right to receive support from the whole of society,” Mirna Medaković Stepinac said at the ceremony."


“It is an exceptional honor and great responsibility to be a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The responsibility is towards girls and boys whose voice is often not heard well enough. I will do my best to speak about the difficulties and challenges they encounter, because I firmly believe that every child deserves a fair chance."

Bojana Gregorić Vejzović

Bojana Gregorić Vejzović is a multi-award winning Croatian actress. She was appointed as a UNICEF National Ambassador on 26 August 2004. As a UNICEF National Ambassador Bojana participates in supporting children’s rights, especially for those children without appropriate parental care. She collect donations to support UNICEF projects and helps get the message across to the Croatian public, particularly to the youth, about the ideas and values that guide UNICEF’s work with children.

"It is my sincere wish to join other UNICEF ambassadors in the promotion of UNICEF’s activities for improving the position of children”, said Bojana Gregorić Vejzović on the occasion of her appointment. 


“I am immensely pleased for being honoured to become one of UNICEF’s ambassadors. Acts of kindness are what makes us human and if they are focused on children their importance is even greater."

Maja Vučić

After years of dedicated work on the well-being of children and her support for UNICEF through various activities, on 7 November 2006, Maja Vučić was appointed as a UNICEF special representative for parents and babies. Maja has promoted and advocated for early childhood development and parental support in Croatia and worldwide in the service of children since 2006.

In addition to advocating for child rights, Maja has actively promoted early reading to children and shown solidarity towards children in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burkina Faso as well as refugee and migrant children transiting through Croatia.

Being a parent is the most beautiful and the most responsible task in the world. But parents perform this task for the whole society”… “in their hands they keep the token for happier future generations and therefore they deserve our help.”


“I am happy to work with UNICEF on ensuring that parents are provided with appropriate advice and assistance in bringing up their children, which helps them not to feel alone in their important role."

Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni

Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni was appointed as the first National UNICEF Ambassador on 9 July 2003. In his capacity as a UNICEF National Ambassador Gibonni participates in activities that support children’s rights, especially the protection of children against violence and discrimination. He participates in projects aimed at raising funds for UNICEF projects and helps get our message across to the Croatian public. In particular, he help us reach the youth and highlight our ideas and values.


“This is the greatest honour I have received, as an artist and as a man. As a UNICEF National Ambassador I would like to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere in which people will care for the needs of others and be tolerant to those who are different from them.”

Slaven Bilić

Slaven Bilić was appointed as a UNICEF National Ambassador in February 2008. He has participated in many activities promoting child rights, particularly related to the use of new media and the protection of children against violence. In his capacity as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador he also promoted the initiative Child Friendly Cities and Municipalities. Slaven Bilić is remembered as the face of the ‘Break the Chain’ campaign against cyberbullying amongst children.