18 March 2022

Deep Dive into the European Child Guarantee - Croatia

The European Commission has partnered with the UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (UNICEF ECARO) to test how the European Child Guarantee could work in practice and provide recommendations for its successful design and implementation. As part of this engagement, UNICEF ECARO has been working since July 2020 with national and local governments from seven EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain) and key national and local stakeholders in these countries. Part of this support has included the development of 'policy deep dive' country studies. The deep dives are designed to provide the information and evidence base that governments need for the development of evidence-informed European Child Guarantee National Action Plans. The overall objective of this deep dive is to support Croatia to design, implement, and evaluate its European Child Guarantee National Action. This research analyses policies, services, budgets, and mechanisms to address children’s service access barriers and unmet needs in the thematic areas of the ECG: early childhood education and care, education, nutrition, healthcare and housing. There are three reports as part of this deep dive. A policy brief brings together all the findings from the research. It has been designed to help governments to identify the children who should be prioritized in the Croatian National Action Plan and to recommend the policy measures that need to be put in place at national, regional and local levels to complement existing policy measures that have been effective in providing positive outcomes for children. In addition, the policy brief identifies, compiles and recommends indicators that could be used to monitor and evaluate the impact of the  European Child Guarantee and recommendations on how to address the identified gaps in data. Furthermore, a literature review analyses how national and sub-national policies, programmes, systems, processes and mechanisms have helped to address child poverty in Croatia, with a particular focus on, especially disadvantaged children. It is accompanied as well by an additional main deep-dive report on specific initiatives to reduce poverty and social exclusion among children, with detailed recommendations for the full implementation of the European Child Guarantee in Croatia. Literature review available for download in English and Croatian. Main deep dive report available for download in English and Croatian. Policy brief available for download in English and Croatian. Consultations with children and young people in process of conducting National Action Plan available for download in English and Croatian.
22 March 2021

The EU Child Guarantee: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage

logo, Phase III of Child Guarantee: The Fundamentals, One out of every five children in the EU is currently living a childhood in which opportunities to be healthy, to learn, to participate and to reach their full potential are being cut short. Poverty and deprivation in childhood can mark children for the rest of their lives; undermine a child’s health, education and prospects for future income, as…, The Main Results of the Phase III of the Child Guarantee:,   1. National Action Plans to address child poverty and social exclusion are in development based on a comprehensive policy and programme Deep Dive. The national action plans will serve as models for how the Child Guarantee can be rolled out across EU Member states. 2. Innovative and evidence-based models of services and interventions focused on…, EU Child Guarantee in Croatia, Girl In Croatia the specific interventions in the framework of Phase III of the Child Guarantee aim to ensure access to integrated, multidisciplinary, adequately resourced community and family-based support services, pre-primary-education and early childhood intervention for children living in precarious situations (including families living in…, Keep track on the results of EU Child Guarantee in Croatia, Read the stories and meet children, families and experts of EU Child Guarantee, Access to quality and inclusive pre-primary education, Early Childhood Intervention Services, Participation of adolescents and young people, Deep Dive into the European Child Guarantee, © UNICEF, 2022 “The information and views set out in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Neither the European Union institutions and bodies nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained therein.”