23 June 2021

Milky Way Race 2021

In order to grow and develop, children with disabilities need constant expert support. Needed services are still unavailable to many children with disabilities in Croatia. These children do not have the appropriate opportunities to develop their abilities and participate in daily life, play with friends, attend kindergarten, or school, and build…, Why do we participate?, In 2020, we have made positive changes together happen. We engaged thousands of people across the country, including, the media, experts, parents and decision makers to support better lives of children with disabilities, and secured funds (1,2 million Kuna) to equip new sensory cabinets and train therapists for sensory integration in areas where…, Helping children with disabilities and their families is important, In Croatia, for many children with disabilities, day care services and psychosocial support are still unavailable, especially in least developed areas.  Children with disabilities without access to the services of professionals do not have the appropriate opportunity to develop and participate in the lives of their communities. They face barriers …, How to participate?,   Join Milky Way Race whenever, wherever...  It is not about the result or speed, it's about achieving the common goal together! In the same T-shirts, we will turn didabilities into possibilities. Take part with atlasGo app and be a part of the community that supports children with disabilities. By selecting a start package you are making a…, Milky Way Race is taking place from 3 to 12 September!, Mliječna staza 2021. You can take part in the virtual race for 10 days in September (from 3 to 12 September 2021) Each registered participant can take part in the run whenever and for however long they want, and for as many times as they want   Each participant can join the run multiple times through their profile in the app which traces their…, Star packages, Odaberite jedan od zvjezdanih paketa koji uključuju i donaciju za podršku djeci s teškoćama: Start package  Content  Donation (HRK)  Early Golden Star   Donation + T-shirt + medal + application  105,00 Golden Star Donation + T-shirt + medal + application  135,00 Little star (children)   Donation + T-shirt + medal  75,00 Star Donation + application…, Read more: