22 October 2019

Parenting in the best interests of the child and support to parents of the youngest children

Parents also have the right to help raise their children - this was one of the messages in UNICEF's “First 3 are the most important!” action which was presented to the public at the end of 2006. This action was the result of numerous discussions with parents and experts, as well as research into the views of the general public about the upbringing and needs of families in the early years of children's lives. Following the mass media campaign, activities were initiated across Croatia aimed at enhancing the experts' existing knowledge of the importance of the first years, as well as offering new forms of support for parents in local communities. One of these activities is a program of workshops with parents "Let's Grow Together". Today, perhaps more than ever, the modern family is confronted with many challenges and often very high expectations. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our research, both parents and the general public have confirmed the need for additional, professional support in the upbringing of children. Throughout the entire action “First 3 are the most important!”, we sought to enable parents to acquire the knowledge and skills to develop their child's potential with love, to enable their children to be successful and satisfied, and to keep society healthy and prosperous. Promoting early child development is certainly the most profitable investment in social development, and it also represents an investment in the future potential of the country and its advancement capacity.