UNICEF Croatia is helping the children of Sudan who are suffering in the world’s worst forgotten crisis

Millions of children in Sudan urgently need food, water and protection to survive

22 February 2024
Sudan Emergency
Ahmed Elfatih Mohamdeen/UNICEF

Zagreb, February 23, 2024 – Sudan is the site of the largest refugee crisis in the world, where millions of children within the country are fleeing violence in search of safety, food, shelter, and healthcare, marking a drastic increase in child mortality across the country. After months of brutal conflict, 14 million children in Sudan are in urgent need of humanitarian aid to survive.

Even before the conflict, humanitarian needs across Sudan reached record levels, while the current situation is catastrophic. Hospitals and schools were destroyed and turned into the fiercest places of armed conflicts and terrible violence. The lack of drinking water and basic infrastructure further endangers the lives of children and their families. Parents are desperate to care for their children's lives, but also for their future in a devastated and exhausted country. In order to respond to these needs, UNICEF Office for Croatia launched a humanitarian appeal for the children of Sudan.

Sudan has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in the world. More than 3.5 million children are wasted, and it is estimated that this year as many as 700,000 severely malnourished children will need emergency help to survive. Given the constant fighting, limited access to food, and rising food prices, it is expected that this situation will further deteriorate.

Despite the extremely difficult and dangerous situation, UNICEF and partners are providing life-saving assistance to children in Sudan and neighbouring countries, including water, therapeutic nutrition, medical care, and the establishment of safe shelters for children. UNICEF is the only supplier of therapeutic food used to treat children suffering from the deadliest form of malnutrition. UNICEF's mobile teams are delivering therapeutic food and medical aid to the frontline of crisis hotspots in Sudan to prevent the complete collapse of health services which are saving children's lives - however, the needs are still extensive.

Help us make sure that the children of Sudan are not forgotten! Donate at www.unicef.hr and save the lives of starving and displaced children in Sudan. 

Donate at: www.unicef.hr 

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