Children are the biggest victims of the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria and they need our help NOW!

UNICEF Croatia: Help children in Türkiye and Syria

08 February 2023
Mladi na UPSHIFT-u
Mislav Mesek/UNICEF

Zagreb, February 7, 2023 - The strongest earthquakes that hit the border region of Türkiye and Syria in the last 100 years put already vulnerable children and families in an extremely difficult situation. 

Although at the moment it is still difficult to estimate the exact number of children killed in the earthquakes, this number is extremely high. At a time of year when temperatures drop below freezing and snow and freezing rain are common, thousands of children affected by the earthquakes have lost family members and homes, schools and hospitals have been destroyed. 

The devastating earthquakes raised the need for an urgent humanitarian response to the highest level, while potential damage to roads and critical infrastructure will also complicate search and rescue efforts and the wider humanitarian response. 

Children are always among the most vulnerable when disasters strike. UNICEF is on the ground and ready to help children and families affected by the earthquake - providing them with drinking water, food, protection and psychosocial assistance. 

UNICEF is actively working to identify separated and unaccompanied children and working to reunite them with family. 

A day after the devastating earthquakes, displaced families in northwestern Syria are in a particularly difficult situation. They have been suffering the consequences of war for decades, while at the same time struggling with a cholera epidemic and heavy rain and snow, as well as families of Syrian refugees living in Türkiye, in makeshift settlements.  

In terms of UNICEF’s response: In Syria, our immediate focus is on ensuring affected children and families have access to safe drinking water and sanitation services – critical in preventing illness in the early days of a crisis. There are few medical supplies and trauma kits in Damascus; UNICEF is seeking to fill immediate gaps for all supplies (including medical) via our closest warehouses in Lebanon and Jordan. We have already sent emergency supplies for operating theatres, along with nutrition supplies such as high-energy biscuits.   

The displaced population in Syria is in need of food and essential nutrition services. Ensuring the nutrition needs of young children under 2 years and pregnant women are met is critical to avoid further deterioration of their nutritional status. UNICEF is coordinating the nutrition response with the other UN agencies and partners, mobilizing essential nutrition supplies from across the region and delivering essential health and nutrition services through mobile teams.  

In Türkiye, efforts are currently focused on search and rescue and UNICEF is coordinating with the Government, and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency on the emerging needs linked to the wider humanitarian response.  

Children affected by earthquakes need our help NOW. Become part of UNICEF's response to this severe humanitarian crisis and help the affected children and families with your donation! 

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