Minister Grlić Radman opened a school in Türkiye within the framework of cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and UNICEF

17 January 2024
Grlic Radman otvorio skolu u Turskoj
Ministar Grlić Radman otvorio skolu u Turskoj

Adıyaman, January 17, 2024 – Ahead of the year since the devastating earthquake in Türkiye, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlić Radman inaugurated Adiyaman Trade Vocational and Technical High School in Adıyaman province. This initiative, part of a 1 million euro agreement between the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and UNICEF aims to address the educational challenges faced by earthquake-affected areas in Türkiye. 

The UNICEF Office in Türkiye works closely with the Government of the Republic of Türkiye, particularly the Ministry of National Education, to mitigate the negative consequences of the earthquake on children and young people, their families and education personnel. 

The Türkiye Recovery and Reconstruction Assessment revealed that 576 schools were destroyed or damaged due to the earthquake. The Adıyaman Trade Vocational and Technical High School is one of three prefabricated schools established under the agreement. A total of three prefabricated schools will likely support the return of over 1,000 children to education. However, based on the needs the Ministry of National Education identifies, over 2,100 children can be supported if the schools are run in two shifts. The schools are located in Adıyaman and Hatay provinces. Each school has classrooms, teacher spaces, ateliers (workshops catering to Technical and Vocational High School students), water, and sanitary facilities, including those specially adapted for children with disabilities. This infrastructure facilitates the continuation of classroom education and underscores the commitment to inclusive and accessible learning environments. 

„The construction of three prefabricated schools, a result of this joint endeavour, symbolizes more than mere infrastructure rebuilding. It represents the laying of foundations for a brighter future, enhancing the prospects for children in the region. As this solemn anniversary approaches, we also embrace a future filled with optimism. And today’s opening of the school serves as a firm testament to that. I am certain that this ceremony will mark a significant milestone in the journey towards recovery, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the community and the power of international cooperation“, said Gordan Grlić Radman, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs at the opening of the school. 

„We extend our sincere appreciation to the Government of Croatia for their generous support in joining our efforts to rebuild schools and create safe learning environments for children affected by the earthquakes. We have been working very closely with the Government of Türkiye and other partners to provide education and all the other important support that children need during the past year. With the generous support of the partners, we have been able to support almost one million children’s access to formal and informal education. We need to support of all partners like Croatia to continue to fast recovery and build a brighter future for children“, stated Paolo Marchi, UNICEF Representative to Türkiye.  


Providing support to Türkiye is one of the projects on which the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs successfully cooperates with UNICEF within the framework of official development and humanitarian assistance. Official Development Assistance (ODA) refers to activities and measures designed to promote sustainable development, and activities are financed from the budget and resources of the Republic of Croatia and used in accordance with the regulations of the OECD Development Assistance Committee on Official Development Assistance. 

Projects of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign And European Affairs and the UNICEF Office in Croatia in the field of Official Development Assistance realized in the period from 2018 to 2024: 

  • Ensuring quality and timely health care for Syrian refugee families in Egypt 

  • Protecting and improving the education conditions of Syrian refugee children in Jordan by financing the construction of five playgrounds for children with disabilities in the Azraq and Za'atari refugee camps 

  • Humanitarian aid to children and families in Yemen 

  • Restoration of inclusive children's playgrounds in Lebanon 

  • Donation of generators that enable the continuous operation of hospitals and schools in Ukraine 

  • Donation of generators that enable the continuous operation of health and educational institutions in Moldova

  • Empowering girls to access relevant, quality education and skills-building opportunities in Kenya 

  • Humanitarian support to the civilian population and children of Gaza in Egypt, Jordan and Gaza 

  • Improving the development of digital skills of girls in Ethiopia 

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