With the support of Kaufland, UNICEF is raising standards in the education of children with disabilities in Sisak-Moslavina County

UNICEF and Kaufland supported educational inclusion in ten elementary schools in Sisak-Moslavina County

02 June 2023
UNICEF i Kaufland podržali inkluzivno obrazovanje u deset osnovnih škola u Sisačko-moslavačkoj županiji
Luka Cerovina
Medina Omerović Pužar, ravnateljica osnovne škole u Hrvatskoj Kostajnici, Patrick Rudat, predsjednik uprave Kauflanda Hrvatska i Regina M. Castillo, predstavnica Ureda UNICEF-a za Hrvatsku

Hrvatska Kostajnica, June 2nd 2023 – UNICEF and Kaufland supported educational inclusion in ten elementary schools in Sisak-Moslavina County, which were equipped with a total of 237 sensory-didactic tools. The partnership between UNICEF and Kaufland also provided inclusive education training for teachers.

One of those schools is the Elementary School Davorin Trstenjak in Velika Kostajnica, which was visited on Friday, 2 June by Regina M. Castillo, UNICEF Representative in Croatia and Patrick Rudat, Kaufland Croatia CEO.

In December 2022 Kaufland donated EUR 39.816 (HRK 300.000) to UNICEF. Funds were collected throughout the humanitarian action "Toys that make a difference", the KidLand Kuniboo CRM campaign organized in Kaufland’s retail network. As UNICEF works on supporting the pre- and in-service training of teachers in diversity and inclusion, Kaufland’s donation helped to secure didactic equipment in 10 schools in Sisak-Moslavina county and to increase the capacities of teachers in the use of this equipment to achieve better inclusion of children with disabilities into the learning process. Ultimately, the donated equipment helps children to learn, and the training allows teachers to better understand how senses influence children’s learning and make adaptations for children with disabilities in everyday classroom situations.

Kaufland and UNICEF have been cooperating for many years in the field of investing in the future of children, through projects such as the humanitarian race Milky Way race and equipping inclusive cabinets at education institutions throughout Croatia.

“We see caring for children as one of our main responsibilities when it comes to CSR. That is why we decided in 2022 to donate almost 40,000€ for elementary schools in the Sisačko-moslavačka županija where the consequences of the 2020 earthquake are unfortunately still visible. In this school visit in Hrvatska Kostajnica we can transparently see the concrete results of the donation and I would like to thank the entre Unicef Team for another great collaboration“, said Patrik Rudat, Kaufland Croatia CEO.

“Children and young people of Sisak-Moslavina County suffered a great deal of discomfort, stress, and many ordeals for the past three years. Every support means a lot to them, and they are ready to use even the smallest possible incentive in order to contribute to realizing the full potential of their students. Therefore, we are extremely grateful to UNICEF and Kaufland for their support, which opens up new opportunities for us and means improving the inclusion of all students in our school”, said Medina Omerović Pužar, school headteacher.

The classroom is the best possible place where integration can and should happen. Children whose classrooms are in vulnerable areas need more support.

“The long-standing Cooperation between UNICEF and Kaufland is a testament how UNICEF responds to the current needs of children, particularly those who are in a disadvantaged situation. It is important to create equal access to services everywhere in Croatia because that is how we create the conditions for all children to thrive and achieve their full potential. UNICEF has been providing support to children and families through various programs and projects across Sisak-Moslavina County in the last three years. By supporting the work of the people who make a difference in their local community, UNICEF, with significant support from Kaufland, is ensuring that children and young people have access to quality social, cultural and educational content, regardless of their  circumstances.”

Regina M. Castillo, UNICEF Representative in Croatia


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