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Current priorities   
UNICEF supports the national effort to implement the right for all children to education. In this sense, UNICEF activities aim at:

  • Effective free education
  • Reduction of regional disparities (urban/rural)
  • Gender parity through a girl’s education acceleration programme
  • Young child and adolescent preparation to education
  • Support to alternative education.

UNICEF supports the increase and the improvement of the quality of the education offer, through a strong partnership with other United Nations agencies and technical and financial partners. UNICEF also contributes to the development and recognition by the State of alternative educational offers (bridging classes, community schools).

The essential education package that includes school rehabilitation, hygiene and sanitation facilities, school material, training for teachers as well as community involvement and child participation will be provided to a larger number of schools.

How you can help us

  • $1 provides 8 children with a pencil and exercise book
  • $8 provide 10 children with a sketch pad and a set of 8 colouring crayons each
  • $20 is the cost of a double-sided chalkboard, two chalkboard dusters, 100 white chalk sticks and 100 coloured chalk sticks, providing a teacher with basic tools to teach a class
  • $25 buy 30 skipping ropes, promoting physical activity, particularly for girls
  • $32 buy 1 table and 1 chair allowing a child to learn in normal school conditions
  • $60 provide 2 volleyballs and 2 nets, enabling children to participate in team sports
  • $200 is the cost of a school-in-a-box kit – a ready-made educational solution packed in a lockable metal box, containing equipment such as pencils, erasers, exercise books, writing slates, scissors and carrier bags sufficient for 80 pupils, and marker pens, posters, registers, and blackboard equipment for one teacher
  • $800 provide 3 recreation kits, containing items such as frisbees, skipping ropes, footballs, volleyballs (and nets), handballs, whistles, a measuring tape, a chalkboard and chalk, enabling up to 270 children to enjoy physical activities and play at one time
  • $1,500 represent the price for a pump and latrines for one school

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