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UNICEF Corporate and Philanthropic Partnerships


In 2017, Moncler teamed up with UNICEF to support the most vulnerable children and keep them warm. The "Warmly Moncler" initiative benefits children living in extreme poverty in countries where climatic conditions are the most challenging.

© UNICEF/UN0144146/Cullen

Globally, millions of children live in situations of extreme emergency and require primary goods such as: food, water, adequate clothing, health care and a safe place to stay. During winter, without access to heated shelters, blankets and warm clothes, many children and their families struggle daily for survival.

In 2017, Moncler teamed up with UNICEF to support the most vulnerable children and keep them warm. The aim of this global partnership named “Warmly Moncler” for UNICEF is to raise funds for UNICEF and help children living in extreme poverty in some of the coldest countries in the world where climatic and social conditions are the most challenging.

The “Warmly Moncler” for UNICEF partnership

In 2018 Moncler renews its commitment by strengthening its partnership with UNICEF.

Through the "Warmly Moncler" for UNICEF project, Moncler supports a winterization programme that offers to thousands of babies, children and their families, medicines and basic necessities, newborn kit and blankets to protect them from the cold. Furthermore, from this year onwards, Moncler will support UNICEF's initiatives that facilitate access to education in kindergartens and schools. Through supporting tangible actions, Moncler is aiming to raise awareness on the importance of joining UNICEF and make a positive impact on the lives of the world's children.

In a year's time, it is estimated that over 27,000 children and parents, mainly living in Nepal and Mongolia, will benefit from these initiatives.

The future of children is a dear topic to Moncler, who has been supporting the new generations in need for many years, guaranteeing them access to medical care, to an adequate level of education and a serene growth. 


© UNICEF/UN0155763/Zammit
September 2015 - Kids smiling after their lunch in a kindergarten which is supported by UNICEF Mongolia’s nutrition programme in Nalaikh, district Ulaanbaatar. In Mongolia, not all children attend pre-school. Children with disabilities, from poor, rural, nomadic and ethnic minority families are the most likely to miss out on early childhood education. This is because there are not enough places for them and more pre-schools are needed. UNICEF works with local governments to create more of them.
© UNICEF/UN017152/Shrestha
© UNICEF/UN017152/Shrestha
January 2016 - Children play in Barpak village, Gorkha district, Nepal. Barpak is an epicenteral village of Gorkha district, where more than 1400 hundreds houses were destroyed during the earthquake on 25 April 2015. Hundreds of earthquake victims, particularly the elderly and young children living in shelter of highland altitude have been facing a harsh winter season after snowfall.



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