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UNICEF's corporate partnerships

International partnerships: ING


For over 8 years, ING has been a key UNICEF global partner, contributing to UNICEF's work and providing children with access to schooling, better quality education and safer and healthier living conditions.

About ING

ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin, currently offering banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services to meet the needs of a broad customer base. ING's mission is to set the standard in helping their customers manage their financial future.

ING operates in many communities around the world and believes they have the responsibility to make a positive contribution to them. They have chosen to prioritize their global initiatives around two themes - children and education and financial education and entrepreneurship - because they align with the goal of their business to invest in tomorrow's economy by supporting people to plan for a secure financial future.

ING believes investing in children, and in particular in their education, is one of the most important ways to invest in tomorrow's economy. A good education provides children with a better opportunity to realize their full potential and achieve financial security and success.

In 2005 ING set up the ING Chances for Children programme to bring together all of their charitable activities in support of children's education and well-being. This programme helps ING shapes their community investment activities as part of the sutainability strategy and increases the degree of employee participation. It focuses on both local partnerships and global education initiatives through the global strategic partnership with UNICEF initiated in 2005.


Since the launch of the partnership, thousands of ING employees have been the cornerstorne of the continued success of the programme, enthusiastically giving their valuable time and money. All financial contributions from ING employees are being matched by ING HQ. Since 2005 ING, together with its employees and customers, have raised over € 23.5 million (about US$ 31 million) supporting education programmes for children in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, South Africa and Zambia.

ING' support goes beyond the generous financial contributions; the company also engages its employees in the shared work for children. For instance, ING's Corporate Volunteer Programmes has linked its employees in India with school headmasters to improve India's education system. Together they developed a training manual, which already has been used to train over 400 headmasters and school directors in management skills.


On June 26th 2013, over 1,000 ING employees across the world got together for a common and meaningful purpose: running for the children of Zambia, Ethiopia and Nepal. In one day over € 100,000 was raised. The exact results to be shared very soon.

For more information on the event, please visit: https://www.unicef.org/media/media_69732.html#

Global Challenge Event

Every year around November 20th - the UN International Day of the Child - ING encourages all of its employees to dedicate their time to activities in support of children. From Asterdam to Mexico City, ING employees engage in volunteering or fundraising activities aimed at giving children a better chance in life. In 212, over 15,000 ING Bank employees joined the Global Challenge initiatives, which is almost 26% of the total worlwide staff connecting through a common purpose. Thanks to the commitment and creative ideas of all employees participating, an impressive total of € 465,161 (about US$ 604,360) were raised.

For more information on this activity, please visit: http://www.ingforsomethingbetter.com/initiatives/globalchallenge2012/home

Programmatic impact

Thanks to the active support of ING a number of results have been achieved and below are some concrete examples:

- ING is currently supporting a five-year UNICEF programme (2011-2015) in the rural province of Luapula, Zambia, to improve the health and well-being of children. For example, in 2012 30 preschools have built playgrounds and received teaching materials. 1,630 preschool children have registered including 858 girls.

- ING also supports a programme for nomad children in Ethiopia where there are still a large number of primary school age children who do not have access to education. This programme aims to reach 94,000 out-of-school children by 2014.

- As of 2013 ING has extended its support to programmes in Nepal focusing on the empowerment of adolescent girls through activities and interventions that create positive transformation in their families, communities as well as the society.

- ING also supports UNICEF's humanitarian efforts in case of emergencies such as the floods in Pakistan, earthquakes in Haiti and China (Sichuan), and the 2011-2012 drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.

2012 and beyond

In January 2012 ING renewed its commitment to UNICEF for another three years. The agreement takes the partnership a step further in giving children across the world a chance to a better future. This extension marks the beginnig of a new chapter in a partnership that has helped more than 780,000 children. In 2012 alone, over 92,000 children gained access to education as a result of fundraising efforts worth € 2.8 million (about US$ 3.5 million).

Partnership vision: By January 2015 the ING & UNICEF partnership will have positively impacted the lives of at least one million children in need, providing them with access to school, better quality education and safer and healthier living conditions.

Dailah Nihot, Head of Sustainability at ING said: "Besides the great results that were already achieved in the past six years, we look forward to taking on new and interesting opportunities for the partnership. One significant step that we will take is expanding the ING-UNICEF supported programmes to include financial and entrepreneurial elements. In that way we will be able to deliver core business knowledge from our company into the partnership."

Renewing the partnership with ING was significant to UNICEF. "We don't have many banking partners globally and to be able to rely on a consistent partnership with ING throughout the financial crisis was very important for us", said Nichole Brown, UNICEF's Chief of Corporate and Foundation Partnerships.

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