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UNICEF Corporate and Philanthropic Partnerships

Cartier Philanthropy

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Committed to helping free children’s potential, Cartier Philanthropy has been a UNICEF global partner since 2014.

The Foundation is providing a generous funding contribution of US$ 6.7 million over 3 years to support UNICEF programmes in China, India and Madagascar bringing thousands of children access to safe drinking water and sanitation, quality education and the knowledge needed to reduce the risks of natural disasters. In addition, the Foundation has made a US$ 600,000 emergency grant to relieve the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines (for more information click here)


Cartier Philanthropy provides global support focused on three core areas:
• Disaster risk reduction activities in China benefiting an estimated 182,000 children (for more information click here)
• Increasing the availability, take-up and quality of education in India, reaching an estimated 190 million elementary school-aged children across the country (for more information click here)
• Preventing and mitigating the effects of natural disasters on children’s education in Madagascar, benefiting 25,000 children (for more information click here)


© UNICEF/UNI194462/Dolan
Children from Soanierana primary school, Madagascar, August 2015

Disaster risk education saves lives

In Madagascar, Cartier is investing in disaster risk reduction education to save lives. By early 2016, more than 200 local stakeholders and key partners had already received training increasing their preparedness for and ability to understand, anticipate and respond to natural disasters. With the support of UNICEF, many schools in the region have developed a reduction risk work plan, including actions to address the consequences of climate change



The programme includes:

• Training in environmental education for facilitators of teachers’ networks in five districts.
• Practical training for teachers and children on creating a garden nursery in 20 pilot schools. The communities play a hands-on role in the maintenance of the nurseries, helping take care of daily watering, weeding, and the control of destructive insects.
• Over six gardens have been established on each site to provide more than 2,000 plants, including eucalyptus, acacia, and fruit plants. Six water points have been constructed to address the lack of water in the villages.

Click here to read an interview with UNICEF Madagascar Emergency Specialist Jacky Roland Randimbiarison and UNICEF Education Officer Felan’Ando Aliderson.

On the back of this significant progress, the programme is set to achieve even greater results by 2018.

About Cartier Philanthropy

The mission of Cartier Philanthropy is to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable. The Foundation’s needs-based and result-oriented philanthropic strategy aims to build the capacities and strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable groups, women and children in particular.

The Foundation supports innovative, impactful and lasting initiatives in low-income countries that promote women’s economic and social development, that provide access to basic services, that engage with communities to encourage the responsible management of natural resources and that deliver humanitarian assistance to children and their families when natural disasters strike.




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