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Amadeus and UNICEF have come together to help shape a better future for the world's most vulnerable children. Through the power of technology and wider collaboration with the global travel industry the initiative will enable travel providers and sellers to raise funds for UNICEF by giving their customers the opportunity to make a micro donation when paying for travel online.

An innovative and simple solution to harness truly global action for children

For travellers, the process of making a small contribution to UNICEF's work for children when paying for a ticket or booking will be simple: a single click, one transaction. The micro-donation process will be extremely user-friendly, allowing travellers to simply add a donation to UNCIEF as they complete the shopping process online. During the first stage of this programme, selected travel providers and sellers, such as airline websites and online travel agents, will integrate a 'check box' on their online booking pages. If a traveller chooses to make a donation, they will receive a confirmation message and email.

For participating travel providers, the technology will exist as a neutral standalone system, cross-channel merchant engine. This consists of a donation interface to collect donation data that is linked to an Amadeus payment gateway. The donation payment is processed as a separate transaction from the travel purchase, simplifying things for the partner and for UNICEF.

Engaging the global travel industry to achieve result for children

"Partnerships are at the heart of how UNICEF achieves results for children, in the field but also in the area of fundraising. Many of UNICEF's existing Corporate Partners have established track-records of raising funds for UNICEF and engaging their staff and customers in UNICEF's work. We believe that this new initiative with Amadeus will significantly improve UNICEF's ability to reach a large number of people online and to provide them with a 'one click' opportunity to help some of the world's most vunlerable children survive and thrive", Tim Hunter, International Fundraising Director for UNICEF.

The partnership between Amadeus and UNICEF aims at setting the foundation for a wider collaboration using technological innovation and engaging the global travel industry to crowd-source funds for children's projects around the world.

For more information on this initiative, including information on how to get involved, please contact UNICEF




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