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As a top global financial institution, ING is committed to improving education on a global scale and supporting UNICEF's goal to ensure that every child has access to quality basic education.

ING Chances for Children

Through its ING Chances for Children programme, ING provides children with the opportunity to learn and build a solid foundation for a brighter future by supporting projects geared toward children and education.
ING’s commitment to UNICEF contributes to Millennium Development Goal #2: "Achieve Universal Primary Education," which aims to ensure that children everywhere complete a full primary course by 2015.
ING employees are the cornerstone of the programme’s success. Since the launch of the programme in 2005, ING employees have donated their time and money to UNICEF adopted projects and for the many local ING Chances for Children initiatives. ING contributes to their efforts by matching their donations to UNICEF.


To encourage employee involvement, ING committed to match all employee donations to ING Chances for Children, euro for euro.
Since they initiated their support in 2005, ING has raised over US$ 25 million (€ 20 million) for UNICEF education projects in Brazil, Ethiopia, India, and Zambia.
With approximately 113,000 employees and more than 60 million clients, ING subsidiaries have implemented a number of activities involving ING employees and/or clients, as follows...

  • Employee Giving: each employee donation being matched by ING HQ
  • Employee Fundraising Activities: Organization of internal events to raise funds for UNICEF: Sports (ING Marathon, ING Golf Tournament), auctions, raffles, etc.
  • Employee Volunteerism: free financial advice or any competencies and expertise that ING people have 
  • Customers Fundraising Activities: co-branded mailing, donation at ATM cash withdrawal, round-up for UNICEF on monthly statement, etc.
  • Cause Related Marketing: Sale of an ING product or service to the benefit of UNICEF.
  • In-Kind Support: Offer of logistical & transport support, introduction to business network, etc. 
  • Additional activities: Sponsorships of events, Sale of UNICEF Cards & Gifts, Advocacy.

Global Challenge Event

In addition to the yearly support, ING has decided to create an annual event that would capture the charitable spirit of ING employees everywhere.

Since 2008, around November 20th  – the United Nations International Day of the Child – employees across the organization come together for the ING Chances for Children Global Challenge and volunteer, raise funds or celebrate their team's outstanding achievements in community development.

November 2010: ING staff worldwide mark 21st anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child


Despite making enormous headway in terms of primary school enrolment over the last few years the Ethiopian education system continues to face serious challenges. Most significantly, progress in achieving universal primary education is not consistent across the country. Regions populated by pastoralist groups such as the Afar Regional State are lagging far behind.
The UNICEF-ING Chances for Children project operating in the Afar region aims to provide basic educational opportunities to children and the youth outside the formal primary education system to help achieve the UN Millennium Development Goal of Universal Education in Ethiopia. As these children are part of nomadic communities, the project is aimed at providing them with ‘portable schools’ and an adjusted form of education.


India has the highest number of working children in the developing world. Without basic education, child labourers unwittingly become part of a self-perpetuating cycle of illiteracy and poverty. They get stuck in dead- end jobs and their social and economic conditions remain largely unchanged throughout their adult lives.
UNICEF and ING Chances for Children want to give the working children in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu a second chance. The educational ING CfC-supported project operating in the area focuses on providing quality education to children working for minimal wages at jobs that require little to no skill. The programme also targets children who are out of school and therefore vulnerable to becoming child laborers


64% of the population of Zambia lives on less than $1 a day. On top of that, the country has been very hard hit by HIV/AIDS. The impact of HIV has multiple effects on individuals, families and communities: as their parents become ill and die, young children are pre-maturely confronted with care-giving and provider responsibilities.
ING Chances for Children through UNICEF supports community schools in remote areas in the Luapula Province, which has some of the poorest educational statistics in the country.  The schools offer quality education to vulnerable children affected by HIV/ AIDS through improved access to basic and community schools. The programme also includes the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities, prevention of HIV and AIDS among youths through teaching of life skills and capacity building for teachers.

About ING

ING is a global financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking, insurance, and asset management services to over 60 million private, corporate, and institutional clients in over 50 countries. With a diverse workforce of about 113,000 people, ING comprises a broad spectrum of prominent companies that serve their clients under the ING brand.  ING offers numerous opportunities to involve its employees with UNICEF. Well-trained ING employees with specific expertise in banking, insurance, asset management, marketing, sales and IT offer valuable volunteering and fundraising potential to UNICEF.

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ING Chances for Children

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ING Chances for Children

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