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Communities and families


Community Action Process empowers localities to tackle development
MANGOCHER, Balochistan Province, Pakistan, 17 June 2008 – When Sumaya Bibi first started coming to community meetings, she would crouch in a corner by the door, timidly covering her face with her scarf. She felt ignorant and unimportant – a girl in her mid-teens in a tribal society where women rarely assumed leadership roles.

Women working for themselves and their community in Burkina Faso
OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso, 9 April 2008 – A women's association in Burkina Faso is helping single mothers and widows to reclaim their independence through various types of employment.

UNICEF and partners present gripping tele-series focused on social issues in India
DELHI, India, 7 April 2008 – Actresses Geetanjali Gill and Geeta Bisht are in Delhi, filming ‘Kyunki...Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai’ (‘Because...That's What Life Is’), a tele-series created in partnership with UNICEF and the Prasar Bharti Broadcasting Corporation.

Helping families and communities help themselves in western Mongolia
ULGII, Mongolia, 18 October 2007 – Milk bucket in hand, Nurzada opens the door of her home to face a howling wind. She and three generations of her family live on land nestled against the rugged mountains of western Mongolia.

Global consultation looks to beefing up UNICEF programme communication
NEW YORK, USA, 22 May 2007 – When you think about public campaigns to get people to do things differently, is it the message or the messenger that most catches your attention? It’s hard to find anyone now who hasn’t heard about the harmful effects of tobacco or, say, the importance of washing your hands with soap.

Moldovan children struggle to cope with their parents’ economic migration
CHISINAU, Moldova, 8 May 2007 – Horodiste is a small village in north Moldova with a population of about 1,500. No one knows the exact number because most of the adult inhabitants have left to look for work abroad.

Rebuilding young quake survivors’ dreams at child centres in Central Java
YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia, 11 December 2006 – Six months ago, Mohammad Hisyan, 9, was left with little more than his guitar. It was one of the few belongings he managed to save when a devastating earthquake struck Central Java.

Ending child abandonment in Romania
CONSTANZA, Romania, 5 December 2006 - Irgiz Ibrahim, 26, lives with her mother and her three children in an overcrowded, run-down house here. Rubbish is strewn around the garden. Children dart in and out of gaps in the fence. The house looks in desperate need of repair.

New campaign helping to achieve universal salt iodization in rural Nepal
KAPILVASTU, Nepal, 26 June 2006 – On a hot afternoon, a red land cruiser drives into the dusty village of Kuwagaon, rural Nepal. Curious children start running after the vehicle, and by the time it parks in a mango grove, many men, women and children are gathered around.

Mobile cinema brings entertainment and education to Niger’s desert dwellers
AZZEL, Niger, 30 December 2005–After a long drive through northern Niger’s arid landscape, a minivan pulls up in the remote desert oasis of Azzel. This evening, the van is bringing not supplies, but entertainment and education. The “cinema on wheels” has arrived.




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