Asia-Pacific Television Forum, 11-13 March 2002, Bangkok, Thailand

Children's TV: Partnerships for quality

What is the Asia-Pacific Television Forum?
The Asia-Pacific Television Forum will act on the critical need to produce and sustain high quality children's television in the region. Outstanding achievement in programming is possible when creative talent, adequate funding, and enlightened public policies converge. The forum will pose the question: How can we ensure access to TV for our children that promotes and protects their right to information, education and quality entertainment?

Who is being invited?
Approximately 90 participants will be drawn largely from the ranks of leading television, advertising, government, corporate and other civil society sector professionals from the Asia-Pacific region. Young adults will also be invited to share their experiences, criticisms and hopes for television in this region and globally.

What does the Forum hope to accomplish?
The Forum aims to create an environment among professionals that can foster creative and financial approaches to providing relevant and quality programming for children and youth.

To find out more about the Forum: read the brochure (5.06MB, PDF format)

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