About the Girls' Education Campaign

More girls in school

UNICEF is working to ensure that every girl, as well as every boy, enjoys their right to a quality education.  By focussing on girls' education, we believe we will strengthen our efforts to achieve the ultimate goal: Education for EVERY Child.

Working with many different partners, UNICEF is leading global and country campaigns as part of its effort to reach out-of-school girls.  These are designed to raise public awareness, mobilize political action and encourage financial support for girls' education.

Ordering Information

A compliation tape containting this series of two 30- and 60-second public service announcements is available in both English and French.  An international track for additional language versions, accompanied by a script in English, is also included.

We urge broadcasters to air these spots as soon as possible.  Broadcast of these important messages is a vital contribution to raising awareness and encouraging practical approaches to positive child development worldwide.  Thank you!!

More information about the Girls’ Education campaign

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