Young filmmakers express themselves as ‘OneminutesJr’ project expands its reach

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Participants in Amman youth filmmaking workshop show off their certificates.

By Karen Cirillo

NEW YORK, USA, 9 January 2008 – After five years of running workshops in Eastern and Central Europe, UNICEF expanded the reach of the ‘OneminutesJr’ youth filmmaking project to other regions during 2007.

Operated in partnership with the One Minutes Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation, the project organizes five-day film workshops in which each participant learns camera skills, story development and production techniques.

Over the past year, more than 275 young people from more than 15 countries produced their own one-minute films through OneminutesJr workshops sponsored by UNICEF. Four of the workshops used the 18th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) as their theme. Participants were asked to pick one article from the CRC and visualize it in an artistic way.

The resulting films – which focused on such topics as child neglect, the right to education, disability rights, child labour and the right to play – were all posted on the 'CRC@18' website. In addition, a selection of the short films was provided to broadcasters around the world.

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Award winner Palvan Geldiyev of Turkmenistan with his One Minute Awards statue.

Wide range of participants

The CRC video workshops were held in Johannesburg, South Africa; Amman, Jordan; Manila, the Philippines; and New Delhi, India.

The Johannesburg workshop drew participants from Burundi, Gambia, Sierra Leone, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Amman, local Jordanian youths were joined by Palestinian and Iraqi children. Young people from teen-operated Kabataan News Network bureaus across the Philippines came together in Manila. And the New Delhi workshop attracted youths from across the Indian capital.

In addition to these CRC-dedicated sessions, two other youth workshops in DR Congo used both child rights and the theme ‘Daily Life and Dreams’ to inform their one-minute productions.

2007 One Minutes Awards

Participants from all of these workshops were well represented at the annual One Minutes Awards, held in November in Ghent, Belgium. Fifteen one-minute films were nominated for the awards from a pool of over 400 eligible entries, and seven of those finalists were produced in UNICEF workshops.

Fiston Jakunze, 16, of Burundi won the Best of the World category with his film, ‘Je m’exprime’ (Expressing Myself). Also among the five nominees for the top honour were UNICEF workshop films ‘In the Lonely Park’ by Steven Swankay of Sierra Leone; ‘Minor threat’ by Iva Durovic of Serbia and Montenegro; and ‘Wind of Change’ by Neli Dechevam of Bulgaria.

© UNICEF/2007/Cirillo
Fiston Jakunze of Burundi draws the background for his award-winning short film.

‘Rakyp’, which won the Inside Out category, was made by Palvan Geldiyev, 20, of Turkmenistan. Also among the five nominees for this award was the workshop film ‘Stay with Me’ by Chrystyna Dubnytska of Ukraine. Another UNICEF film, ‘In intersectie’ by Costea Cristian George of Romania, was nominated in the Self-Portrait category.

Jury members for the One Minutes Awards included Hiroaki Sato, Francois Campana and Danis Tanovic, who worked in collaboration with junior jury members Francis Wasser, Tessa Lof and Csaba Bene Perlenberg. The judges presented each winner with a One Minutes Award statue and a high-resolution JVC camera.

Dubai festival sponsors workshops

In other 2007 festival activity, the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) agreed to sponsor three OneminutesJr workshops as a way to encourage young artists interested in filmmaking. The first two were held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Mumbai, India, while the third is scheduled to take place this year in Cairo, Egypt.

The short films produced in the first two workshops were featured at the 2007 DIFF, held in December.

Three one-minute films from the South Africa CRC workshop were nominated for awards at the annual Kids for Kids Festival, held in Naples, Italy in October. The films include ‘On se detent’ by Thiena Gapfasoni of Burundi; ‘Alice’s Adventures’ by Nomfundo Madide of South Africa; and ‘Im-muebles’ by Charles Kisolokele of DR Congo.




Watch two of the winners of the 2007 One Minutes Awards.

Best of the World category: ‘Je m’exprime’ (Expressing Myself) by Fiston Jakunze, 16, Burundi.
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Inside Out category: ‘Rakyp’ by Palvan Geldiyev, 20, Turkmenistan.
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