International Children’s Day of Broadcasting announces 2007 award to Thai network

© UNICEF/2007/Jawabra
ICDB Award winners Weera Suwanachot and Phudit Apinakpong, director and children’s reporter, respectively, at Thai Youth News.

By Amy Bennett

NEW YORK, USA, 28 November 2007 – UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have jointly announced the winner of the 2007 International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Award: National Broadcasting of Thailand.

The award-winning programme was produced by Thai Youth News, in partnership with NBT. Weera Suwanachot and Phudit Apinakpong, director and children’s reporter, respectively, at the Thai Youth News Network, received the award at the academy's 35th International Emmy Awards Gala in New York last week.

“The media really has the power to change something," said Mr. Suwanachot. "So if the children participate in media, it means that children can change something for children, together. It’s very important to let children be a part of media."

The ICDB awards recognize broadcasters who cover children’s issues creatively and encourage youth participation. The regional winners of the 2007 ICDB Awards are from Brazil, Gambia, Germany, Kenya, Syria and Thailand. On the morning of the 19 November gala, all of this year’s ICDB nominees were honoured at a reception held at UNICEF House.

Youth participation recognized

“Each year we are inspired and encouraged by the UNICEF family of broadcasters’ dedication to children’s programming and the ICDB,” said the Chief of UNICEF’s Internet, Broadcast and Image Section, Stephen Cassidy.

“Over and over, we are impressed and humbled by the quality and creativity these broadcasters exhibit in advancing UNICEF’s mission to involve youth in the media-making process,” he added. “Children everywhere are better served because of their work.”

© UNICEF/2007/Jawabra
The ICDB Award winners were recognized at the 35th International Emmy Awards Gala in New York on 19 November 2007.

Judging for the regional prizes took place between May and August, focusing on programming about the ICDB theme selected last year, ‘Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS’ (also the name of the global campaign on children and AIDS). The entries were evaluated by teams of regional broadcasters and television experts who looked at content, execution and year-round youth participation.

The ICDB regional prizes went to TV Cultura in Brazil, Gambia Television and Radio Services, ZDF in Germany, Syrian Broadcast TV, Citizen TV in Kenya and NBT Thailand.

‘The World We Want’

Broadcasters in more than 100 countries celebrate ICDB each December in unique ways, with children going on the air as reporters, presenters and producers. The next day of broadcasting will take place on 9 December, under the 2007 theme, ‘The World We Want’.

Based on the 2006 ICDB theme, the broadcasters recognized this year encouraged children to raise their voices about what people young and old are doing to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. To be eligible for the awards, the nominees’ broadcasts had to take place on or around 10 December 2006 in conjunction with the 2006 ICDB.

Also as part of ICDB, radio broadcasters have a chance to win the 2007 ICDB Award for Radio Excellence, which recognizes radio programmes that give children a central role and allow them to share their perspectives with the world.




19 November 2007: ICDB Award winner Weera Suwanachot of Thailand and nominee Mfanasibili M. Nkosi of South Africa talk about the importance of children’s broadcasting.
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