Broadcasters around the world ‘Tune in to Kids’

© UNICEF/Maylasia/2004
Kids were given the full experience of working for a TV station.

NEW YORK, 21 December 2004 – The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) kicked off in Jordan at a television station on Friday, 17 December 2004. Around 50 kids worked from the early hours of the freezing morning to late at night taking on the roles of broadcasters, sound technicians, and producers. On radio, television, and Internet radio, children from all parts of the country took live calls from Chicago, Bahrain, Dubai, and from other countries.

“How truthful is the news that we read in the newspapers?” asked Joan Hananiya, 15,  live on Jordan’s state television. Joan was interviewing a journalist from a local paper as they both reviewed the daily news headlines. The flustered journalist, not expecting such a question from the teenager, hesitated for a few seconds and then continued to explain about ethics in journalism.

Jordan joined more than 80 countries from around the world who participate in the largest media broadcasting campaign: ICDB. Working under the theme of “Help Us Build a Safer World” kids as young as ten tied in the projects they had been working on throughout 2004 with child protection.

© UNICEF/Moldova/2004
More than 160 children participated directly in three live programmes: on National TV, on National Radio and on Antena C Radio. Two young radio reporters take a break.

Young Digital Video Reporters

In China, a 30-minute programme entitled “Building a Safer World Together" was the main highlight of the ICDB celebration. The programme focused on the issue of child injury which was explored by children through the network of the CCTV Digital Video (DV) Clubs. The videos were made by primary school students aged 7 - 12 from Beijing and the provinces of Anhui, Zhejiang and Yunnan. From the nearly 30 mini-documentaries selected for submission to CCTV, three were shown during a television special. After being given careful instructions not to "stage" injuries for their productions, the children went out with their cameras to explore and document potential sources of injury in their immediate environments.

Taking over Colombia

In Colombia, ICDB launched under the slogan Los Niños y Niñas en Caracol Viven la Vida (‘Children in Caracol Living Life’). Three young reporters were granted an interview with the President of the Republic and the First Lady. They questioned how the government addresses such issues as child labour, violence against children, and child prostitution. Caracol Radio dedicated the entire day of programming to children and more than 50 affiliated stations throughout the country participated.

© UNICEF/South Africa/2004
12-year-old Sandile, a presenter and reporter at the control desk at the Maputaland Community Radio station.

Learning about Child Rights in Kyrgyzstan

UNICEF in close partnership with the National Broadcasting Corporation, Internews Network Kyrgyzstan, and the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation organized a contest for children. They were asked to submit video and radio spots on children’s rights. The award ceremony was aired on the National Broadcasting Corporation’s Channel on 12 December 2004.

Thailand: Children’s Voice, Children’s Power

On Sunday, 12 December a two-hour live television programme and a six-hour live radio programme entitled “Children’s Voice, Children’s Power” were dedicated to children. More than 400 children and their parents from all five regions of the country participated in the ICDB 2004 celebration held at the Radio Thailand compound in Bangkok.  In addition to taking part in broadcasting activities, the children also learned about children’s rights and the history of broadcasting in Thailand through games, exhibitions and performances.

All Over Uganda

Seven radio stations conducted programmes with the involvement of children. Twelve million listeners tuned in from around the country including listeners in central, northern (including conflict-affected), eastern and western districts through Radio One FM (Kampala District), Capital FM (Kampala District), Kagadi FM (Kibaale District), Radio Apac FM (Apac District), Radio Kitara MBS (Masindi District), Mama FM (Wakiso District), Nabweru Tiger FM (Wakiso District).

ICDB, celebrated on the second Sunday of every December, is a day when broadcasters around the world "Tune in to Kids".



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