Gender equality and legislative reform working papers

The working papers on this page address crucial issues facing the world's children and cover gender equality and human rights and legislative reform.  These working papers represent the independent research and analysis of internal and external experts.

Working papers on Gender Equality and Human Rights:

Accelerating Girls' Education in Yemen: Rethinking Policies in Teacher Recruitment and School Distribution

Dialogue on the integration of a human rights perspective into the response to rising food prices

Eliminating Gender Disparity in Primary Education: The Case of Turkey

Poverty Begins at Home? Questioning Some (Mis)conceptions about Children, Poverty and Privation in Female-headed Households

Women Politicians, Gender Bias and Policy-making in Rural India

Working papers on Legislative Reform and children:

Child Marriage and the Law (Legislative Reform Initiative Paper Series)

Female Legislators and the Promotion of Women, Children and Family Policies in Latin America

Global Perspectives on Consolidated Children's Rights Statutes

Legislative Reform on Child Domestic Labour: A Gender Analysis (Legislative Reform Initiative Paper Series)

Legislative Reform Related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Diverse Legal Systems, National Case Studies: Armenia, Barbados and Ghana

Rwanda: The Impact of Women Legislators on Policy Outcomes Affecting Children and Families

Supporting the Realization of Children's Rights through a Rights-based Approach to Legislative Reform

UNICEF's Experience in the Area of Legislative Reform: A Review of Selected Countries