"The methods used in the formal education system are more lecture-oriented than practice-oriented. If we change the methods of how to teach the children, by using, for example, dramatisation, demonstration, doing actions and participation, children will like the subjects, be motivated, be able to study without getting tired and generally like school."  -- Sedet Bulaya, primary school teacher, Kisarawe District, Tanzania

"We start in schools from about 8 years or 9 years old. It sounds too early but in our country there is a lot of child sex abuse, even rape, which makes it very important for us to introduce the subject during that period or even earlier. We want to have this child know that this is my body, nobody has a right to my body, if anybody fidgets around with my body I should report it to my mum and dad so that I am protected. We start talking about the information that helps this child to know who they are and how they can best protect themselves."   -- AIDS worker, Zimbabwe

"I see the traditional teaching methods put students in the passive position and do not stimulate creative thinking of students... Students in primary school need to see pictures, discuss situations that are similar to their own life, and they need to play the role, then they will easier memorize knowledge, and they will internalize what they learn".   -- Mrs Trinh Thuy Nga, Cao Xanh Primary School, Quang Ninh province, Viet Nam

"Students are very interested in activity and actively participate. One hundred percent of students in classroom can participate into lesson activity".  -- Mrs Mai Bich Nga, Hong Hai lower secondary school, Quang Ninh province, Viet Nam

"These children will probably become sexually active when they are about 13 or 14. At their age [10 to 12-year olds], the focus is abstinence. When they're about 14 or 15 we'll teach them about safe sex."  -- Teacher, Zomba, Malawi

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