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African Parliamentarians Convene for Historic Conference on Ending Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
Parliamentarians from across Africa have convened in Dakar, Senegal for a landmark conference to learn about female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and discuss what they can do to help end the dangerous and violent practice.
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More than 600 million children - a quarter of all children worldwide - live in Islamic countries where they represent more than 40 per cent of the Muslim population. Across Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, these children are a testament to the rich diversity of Islam. But they also have some alarming challenges in common.
Many of these children are among the poorest and most marginalised - suffering extreme deprivations from poverty, disease and neglect. As their fundamental rights to a healthy and protected upbringing are violated, they are denied the opportunity to develop and grow into productive adulthood. Addressing their needs and guaranteeing their rights will in large part determine whether the world community succeeds in reaching global development targets and building a more peaceful future.


Interparlimentary UnionAfrican parliamentary conference on "Violence against Women, abandoning female genital mutilation: the role of parliaments"
Female genital mutilation is an act of violence against women that must be combated by a number of actors, including parliaments. This conference makes possible an exchange of views between parliamentarians of African countries and will help build a better understanding of the role that parliaments should play in fighting FGMC.
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Every year, three million girls and women are subjected to genital mutliation and cutting
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