Poems for Peace

Young people living in conflict use poetry to express their hopes for a more peaceful future.

Nyajima Mut, 17, recites a poem she wrote on peace, to fellow classmates in Juba, South Sudan on 28 January 2020.
UNICEF/UNI288027/De La Guardia

What does peace mean for a child who has grown up experiencing little, if any? What does a better future look like to a young person who has lived every day amidst violence, uncertainty and displacement? With its Poems for Peace project, UNICEF gives children a chance to explain in their own words.

By amplifying the voices of children living in conflict in almost a dozen countries, UNICEF is highlighting the extraordinary strength and courage of some of the tens of millions of young people longing for a more stable future.

Through their own words, these children are sending a resounding message – that they’ve had enough of living through the horrors of war. In countries that have been decimated by years of conflict, with basic services that have been crippled, it’s in everyone’s interest to find peace.