Child Alert - Horn of Africa UNICEF

UNICEF image
Villagers fill jerrycans with water provided by UNICEF and partners, Djibouti.


UNICEF and its partners are carrying out life-saving efforts for children and women throughout areas hit by drought. Therapeutic and supplementary feeding programmes target malnourished children and women. Mobile health teams treat drought-related illnesses, immunize against diseases like measles and provide vitamin A supplements to boost children's vulnerable immune systems. Water and sanitation assistance includes emergency water trucking to schools and feeding centres, borehole drilling and widespread promotion of sanitation programmes to prevent outbreaks of diarrhoea and cholera. UNICEF is also providing educational assistance, including school tents and School-in-a-Box kits, to drought-affected communities.

Click here for the latest UNICEF Donor Update on the Horn of Africa (PDF).