Child Alert - Afghanistan - Martin Bell Reports on Children Caught in War UNICEF

UNICEF photo: A community-based school, Herat Province.

© UNICEF/HQ07-1100/Noorani

A community-based school, Herat Province.

Time is running out

With the insecurity in the Southern and Eastern regions now spilling over to the rest of the country, as well as the forced return of Afghans from the neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, there is little time left to prevent the reversal of all the progress that Afghanistan has made almost six years after the fall of the Taliban.

Hundreds of kilometres of roads have been built, but despite this the delivery of services has not met the basic needs of the people. NGOs and community-based organizations hesitate to travel to insecure areas to deliver much awaited services to the population in rural areas.

While Government officials in Kabul and international military forces are working to expand safe areas, the donor community and international organizations should not neglect assistance to accessible areas where many communities do not have basic services.

Without these commitments, it will be impossible for the population to move around as well as for humanitarian organizations to reach vulnerable communities who are living in dire circumstances.