Child Alert - Afghanistan - Martin Bell Reports on Children Caught in War UNICEF

UNICEF photo: A calligraphy class, Kabul, the capital.

© UNICEF/HQ07-1203/Noorani

A calligraphy class, Kabul, the capital.

The power of literacy
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UNICEF and its partners are making a great effort to demobilize and retrain Afghanistan’s child soldiers. In Kandahar, for example, UNICEF has helped set up vocational schools for 500 war-affected children. All are given psychosocial care and basic literacy training. Studying separately, the girls learn tailoring while the boys learn carpentry, electronics or plumbing. Elsewhere in the city, grown women are attending literacy classes for the first time in their lives. But in rural areas, it often falls to the community – without government support – to provide even the most basic education, often with unpaid teachers.