Reinforcing the participation of women and youths in local governance and peacebuilding.

In Chad, women and youths receive formal training in income generating-activities management to reinforce their participation in local governance and peacebuilding.

Francine Tchouta
a group of women and youth taking notes
UNICEF CHAD/2021/Francine Tchouta
04 June 2021

Gathered in a makeshift tent under the blazing sun, about 50 women and young men are captivated by the explanations of a woman standing in front of them. While some are looking at the board, others are taking notes: nobody wants to miss a word of the trainer.

"The training is very rich in learning, but also very important. The part I found most interesting was the table on financial forecasts per day, per month, and year. " Deredoum Jackie, 42 years old, member of the Mutuelle des femmes de Mandouli (MUFEMA). Like most of the people trained today, Jackie is a member of a women's association. She has an income-generating activity (IGA) which she started overnight, without technical support and in an informal way.

We are in Abena, a neighbourhood in the 7th district of the city of N'Djamena, in the premises of the Cellule de Liaison et d'Information des Associations (CELIAF). Through this local organisation partner of UNICEF, these young people and women are following a capacity-building session on income generating activities (IGA). Funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF), the training aims at supporting the participation of youth and women in local governance and peacebuilding.

A woman dressed in red, standing near a tree.
UNICEF CHAD/2021/Francine Tchouta

"In the course of the training, I realized that we work, but we often do not plan. We move from day to day, and sometimes we even eat our interests without knowing it. Now I will take the management of my restaurant more seriously. As we meet every first Friday of the month, I will also pass on what I have learned to the other members of the association this Friday,"

Jackie adds, delighted with the session. For her, the training was a learning opportunity. To this end, she also intends to share her knowledge with the twenty members of the association to which she belongs through a report.

Designed for the members of youth and women's associations of the cities of N'Djamena, Moundou and, Lac, this training aims at promoting, but also facilitating the participation of women and youth in the socio-economic life of their respective communities.

"This training will help us, me and the youth of my association. I will report back to them on the lessons learned. As I have a barbershop, from now on, I will have a book of accounts that will enable me to manage it better. I want to open a new barber shop. For that, I will apply what I have learned today, such as choosing a good location”. Armand Nadjilem, 34, a member of another association called Union des jeunes espoirs d'Atrone.

A young man, sitting in a group of women and youth taking notes
UNICEF CHAD/2021/Francine Tchouta

Created in 1995 in Atrone, a peripheral district of the city of N'Djamena, the Association to which Armand belongs raises awareness in the communities on issues such as peaceful cohabitation or the importance of school education for young girls. In this area, people come from rural areas in provinces, and they have not always had the chance to learn about these important issues. Armand and the fifty or so young people in the association have set themselves the objective of being promoters of peace and peaceful cohabitation in their communities.

This training, which is only the first step in a longer process, will be complemented by financial support for the effective implementation of formal income-generating activities (IGAs). To ensure that as many people as possible are reached, the training was conducted in French, Chadian Arabic, and Sara, languages understood by the participants.

A group of women and youth listening to a trainer.
UNICEF CHAD/2021/Francine Tchouta