Lifting children in Chad out of malnutrition: a joint effort

Malnutrition takes the lives and futures of children. In Chad, UNICEF with European union support, is working to address the crisis

Donaig Le Du
a nurse examines a child
23 February 2022

Malnutrition takes the lives and futures of children. It stunts their growth and puts them at higher risk for diseases, diminishing their capacity to fully function, leaving them vulnerable to developmental delays, and death. Wasting and other forms of malnutrition are the result of maternal malnutrition, low birthweight, poor feeding and care practices, and infection exacerbated by food insecurity, limited access to safe drinking water, and poverty. 

In Chad, one out of every ten children under five is affected by malnutrition.

UNICEF is working with the European union and other partners to ensure that malnourished children receive proper care an treatment, but also to carry out awareness raising and community- based monitoring activities to prevent malnutrition.

a child's nutrition status being checked
In January 2022, ten-months-old Majorité attends an outpatient consultation in Abatta health centre in the outskirts of the Chadian capital N'Djamena. Two weeks into the treatment for severe acute malnutrition, the child is already much better/
an awareness raising session in Ndjamena
In January 2022, while waiting for their children to receive treatment, mothers receive advice on good nutrition practices in Ambatta health centre outpatient unit, in the outskirts of Chadian capital N'Djamena
child being fed therapeutic milk
In February 2022, a malnourished child drinks therapeutic milk in Abeche Provincial hospital, in Eastern Chad.
an awareness raising session in Abeche hospital
In February 2022, mothers attend an awareness raising session on nutrition and good hygiene practices, while waiting for their children to be assessed for malnutrition, in Abeche provincial hospital, in Eastern Chad.
a mother with her malnourished child in Bol, Lake Province
In February 2022, Fatime Abakar, with her daughter Haoua, at the pediatric unit of the Provincial Hospital of Bol, the capital of the Lac Region. Fatime is only 20 years old, mother of 4 children, and now heavily pregnant with her 5th. Haoua, is 12 months, weighs 4,8 kg. She suffers from severe acute malnutrition.
a mother receiving plumpy nut
Kadiji Djouma, a 26 years old woman, with her 7 months old baby Hamza, at the health center of the sudanese refugees camp, in Kouchaguine Moura in the East of Chad. After the boys was diagnosed with malnutrition, the mother receives a supply of therapeutic food for her baby.