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Devising the syllabus

The full title of the Child Rights Syllabus document, the centerpiece of the project’s development, is called Children's Rights And Journalism Practice - A Rights-Based Perspective.

Designed as a taught module for undergraduate students of journalism, it is organised into two distinct units: ‘Introducing Children’s Rights’ and ‘Children’s Rights and Professional Journalism Practice’.  

Unit 1 introduces central guiding principles designed to give students a conceptual appreciation and understanding of children’s rights. 

This is then applied to practical examples and professional contexts in Unit 2

The overall aim of the module is to provide the trainee or student journalist with an understanding of children’s rights as articulated in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, and to develop responsible news reporting skills that encompass and respect children's rights in all matters relating to children’s participation and representation in the media. 

The underlying objective of the project is to embed at source the concept of children’s rights among students of journalism, media and communications and what this means is that in addition to fundamental training in such areas as practical techniques of news writing and reporting, analytical skills of media criticism, as well as media theory and history, there is an equal consideration of a rights-based framework for understanding children and issues that affect them.

Click here to access the module Children's Rights and Journalism Practice – A rights-based perspective.


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