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Young Voices Opinions Survey
[PDF] (PDF documents require Acrobat Reader to view.)

The Young Voices poll is the largest and most ambitious survey ever taken among children in Europe and Central Asia. The results reflect the voices of over 93 million children from 35 countries in the region on issues related to their rights.

Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) assist countries in the collection and use of data to monitor and evaluate population, health, and nutrition programmes. DHS provide national and sub-national data on such issues as maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS/sexually transmitted infections (STIs), infectious diseases, reproductive health and nutrition. DHS can help to improve ongoing data collection and is committed to increasing understanding and use of survey data.

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is a household survey programme developed by UNICEF to help countries fill data gaps when monitoring the situation of children and women. It can produce statistically sound, internationally comparable estimates of key indicators. This website includes UNICEF’s key statistical databases with detailed national information. This information was used for the end-decade assessment: “Progress since the World Summit for Children – A Statistical Review.” It also includes global and regional summary analyses and graphic presentations of key results of progress over the decade.

Within the period of 2005-2006, the following 12 countries are conducting MICS:

1.    Albania

2.    Serbia & Montenegro

3.    Bosnia & Herzegovina

4.    Macedonia

5.    Georgia

6.    Tajikistan

7.    Uzbekistan

8.    Kyrgyzstan

9.    Turkmenistan

10 .  Kazakhstan

11.   Belarus

12.   Ukraine



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