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© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Lera at the workshop, writing the diary.

by Lera Mamonova (19) from Almaty

Day One

We have finally arrived in Astana to take a part in the OneMinutesJr video workshop! About 25 children from Almaty, Astana, Pavlodar, Shymkent and Kokshetau came here to create their master pieces. After spending some time getting to know each other and watching other children`s videos, we all started thinking about our own ideas. For some of us it is easy and for some not so easy. But in the end, we all had our very individual ideas for the OneMinutesJr videos. And we couldn´t wait till the next day, we just wanted to start taping!

Day Two

We woke up really early to have breakfast and then be absolutely involved in the filming process. After sharing our ideas with the others in a common session, we realized that our imagination seems to have no limits! So those of us who didn´t need anything special like, for example, a dentist chair, a wedding dress, a garbage site, glasses and so on, went to our film locations. Our coaches Gor, Chris and David gave us good instructions so we had a great time filming the first scenes. I can say even more – it was very exciting and I definitely got some new experience and impressions.

Day Three

We keep on working, working, working... Together we have already finished four videos. Mine is one of those: I decided to give it the title “Open air gym“. Gor and I and some other participants had enough fun editing it and that is something what makes this seminar so special – communication. All the children get involved so much in the process of movie-making that they cannot stop being creative! Some children help others by playing in their videos, giving advice, sharing ideas and simply taking part in the whole production.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
After the workshop, Lera proudly presents her certificate of participation.

Day Four

I can’t believe we have only been working for 4 days now... We have done so many things so it feels like 10 days or even more, but we really like it. Today we are editing our videos. Only one boy, Arkadiy, is still filming. But he has a really complicated scenario, so that explains why he is still shooting more material. And to be honest, he was also busy as an actor in many other videos. So the magic of creating videos is still in process. We are all sitting in one big room next to out trainers Chris, David and Gor, looking on the screens of the computers, watching their hands, listening to music that we might choose for the films. This room looks so cosy because of the creative mess we made in it.  We have to finish editing today because tomorrow is the last day and we are going to have a presentation of our videos. Can’t wait to see all others videos!

Day Five

Today is the last day of our seminar. I have mixed feelings – I feel sorry that it is about to be over, and I feel happy that we had such a successful week. Before the presentation we spent some time exchanging our addresses and phone numbers, because we want to be in touch with each other after the workshop ends. In the last five days, we have all became really good friends. Time runs fast and here it is, the final presentation...

The presentation was so cool! We were applauding every single minute. It is very pleasant to watch the work you’ve done. And here I must say that Chris, David and Gor helped us so much! Thank you, guys! Thank you so much! For the attitude you have for every child, for your enthusiasm, for your jokes and smiles! Besides being in a good mood and having a lot of sweet memories after this seminar, I also have my video and the certificate! I think that every participant is so happy that he or she had the chance to experience something like this. And it is such a brilliant idea to hold activities like this “The One Minutes Jr” seminar. Thank you, UNICEF!



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