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Day Four of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Sarajevo

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
"Fine-tuning" of the videos: Titles, translations, music - it all needs to get done!

The fourth day of the OneMinutesJr workshop starts at the flip-chart in the seminar room. It is time to get "organized" now, otherwise it would be impossible to get things done by tomorrow afternoon. There are 26 participants and so we have to edit 26 films. Luckily we are supported by Alen and Velibor from the Bosnian NGO FKR (Fondacija za kreativni razvoi Sarajevo - Foundation for creative development Sarajevo). Alen and Velibor are here to help and to learn, because UNICEF BiH aims to continue the OneMinutesJr project with local partnrs in the future. They translate, go filming with some of the participants while the other children are already working on the laptops with the trainers, editing their films.

We also have visitors today: A TV team from Hayat TV, a private TV station, has come to film the workshop group in action and to make interviews with the children. And then June Kanugi, Head of the UNICEF office in Sarajevo, also comes for a visit to get some initial feedback from the participants and to see the "work in progress".

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Amila (13) and trainer Su editing a video about drug education at school.

The editing goes smoothly, although it is hard to keep up with a group of 26 children and teenagers who all want to be first. But that is why we have put up the fliü-chart to give everybody an overview of who edits when and with whom. Alen and Velibor take care of the films that have a lot of "spoken words" as it is easier for them to make a rough edit and then go into the details with the young producers. The "easier stories", i.e. those that really use the universal language of the images, are edited by Su (from the OneMinutesJr Foundation in Amsterdam) and Chris (from the UNICEF Regional Office for the CEECIS).

All the time, there are lots of children looking over the shoulder, trying to learn the shortcuts and the tricks of the editing process. And when it is their turn to do the editing, they are surprisingly "fit" to take over and call the action that needs to be taken. Once the rough edits have been done, it is time to find the appropriate titles for the films. Just an example: The film about bribery at a piano competition at school will be called "Corruption in B-moll". There will certainly be more interesting ideas today as we are looking at a long night of editing the OneMinutesJr videos...

May 15, 2008 - Sarajevo, BiH - Chris Schuepp





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