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Day Five - OneMinutesJr workshop in Skopje

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Mission accomplished! Participants after the workshop.

The last day of the OneMinutesJr workshop in Skopje has come and there are just a few things to "clean up". In the morning we have to film one more scene for Jovan's film in which Stefan (12) plays the main character. Everybody in school calls him a "cry-baby", so he runs home to his mother, only to find her calling him the same...

It took Zlatko (13) a bit longer to decide for a story idea, but today he is ready so we are trying to film his movie as fast as possible so it can still be included in the presentation tonight at 6 PM. Zlatko's film is about violence between students, but when one of them pulls a knife, the film stops and rewinds back to the start. Then Filip, the main actor, gets a second chance to deal with the conflict in a non-violent way.

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2008
Happy participant: Stefan (12) with his certificate of participation.

In the afternoon then, everything is done. Sheldon Yett, the UNICEF Representative in Macedonia, comes to the presentation. After the 18 finished films and the extra slide-show with pictures from the workshop have been shown, Mr. Yett speaks to the participants: "I am astonished. It's amazing what you have done in such a short time. These are your ideas, your issues and your films, and I am sure that when we use them with our upcoming campaign, these films will play a role in making Macedonia a better place."

Chris Schuepp, Skopje, October 30, 2008



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