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Preparatory meeting in Kiev, Ukraine (18 – 20 October 2011)

Research on Monitoring Torture and Ill-treatment of Children in the Context of Juvenile Justice

This meeting is part of an EU-supported project on juvenile justice reform that includes strengthening the capacity of statutory child rights/human rights bodies and civil society organisations to monitor the torture and ill-treatment of children in 8 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Ukraine. It is part of the research component of the project, intended to make potential participants familiar with the aims and methodology of this component, to provide them with an opportunity to express their concerns and recommendations the methodology and tools developed by the UNICEF Regional Office for CEECIS, and to begin to develop national research plans.

It  was organised by the UNICEF Regional Office, in cooperation with the UNICEF Office in Ukraine and the Ombudsman for Children, and in consultation with the UNICEF offices in the countries concerned. Participants formed a clear idea of the aim of this component of the project and the underlying concepts. There was a consensus amongst participants on the importance of improving measures to prevent and monitor torture and ill-treatment of children in the context of juvenile justice and on the role that statutory human/child rights bodies and civil society can play in this regard. There also was a consensus on the importance of research, and on listening to the voices of children who have experienced the juvenile justice system.

Main activities

  1. Presentation on the aims, methodology and agenda of the meeting
  2. Presentation of the concept paper on torture and ill-treatment in the context of juvenile justice (see annexes)
  3. Overviews of country situation in the countries represented
  4. Presentation and discussion of the draft research plan and research tools
  5. Monitoring ill-treatment in juvenile prisons and detention facilities
  6. Engaging with children in the youth justice system: role of Ombudsmen
  7. Surveys of children as a tool for estimating the prevalence of torture and ill-treatment
  8. Identification and treatment of victims in the context of juvenile justice
  9. Visit to the juvenile section of a pre-trial detention centre (SIZO) and exercise on interviews with staff and observation of conditions
  10. Preparation, presentation and discussion of draft national research plans


Concept note

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