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Chairperson: Ms. Anara Ismailova, Country Director, EveryChild in Kyrgyzstan
Technical Resource Person: Ms. Tanja Colin, Chief Child Protection, UNICEF Moldova
Rapporteur: Ms. Siyma Barkin, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Uzbekistan


Topic I: Community Based Services for Children and/or Families at Risk

Ms. Tanja Colin, Chief Child Protection, UNICEF Moldova
Types, functions and combinations of child- and family support services to respond to multiple risks, relation to statutory bodies, outputs, outcomes and other components indicating quality of services

Diana Isaeva, Specialist of the Republican Centre for Social Adaptation of Children, member of the national team on social work,  Uzbekistan
Providing family support through social work: competencies, standards, mandates, working methods and approaches to cater to the needs of various groups at risk.


Topic II: Prevention of Child Abandonment and Family Re-integration of Institutionalized Children

Ms. Tamara Hojamedova, Chief Specialist of the Textbooks Processing and Publishing Department, Ministry of Education of the Government of Turkmenistan
Family support services, as adjuncts to existing education facilities: importance of inter-sectoral approaches to overcoming risks for separation

Mr. Sefer Koç, Deputy General Director, Social Services and Child Protection Agency, Turkey
Lessons learned of community centers on family strengthening in Turkey: development of tailored responses to respond to different types of risks and vulnerabilities of children and families, monitoring and follow-up of cases: English | Türk

Ms Deepa Grover, Regional Advisor in Early Childhood Development, UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS
Universalizing, diversifying and standardizing of daycare and early childhood development services, lessons learned from CEE/CIS


Topic III: De-institutionalization and links to development of new social services

Ms. Raikhan Amzeeva, Family Support Center “Garmonia”, Akimat of South Kazakhstan
Transformation of a residential care institutions into family support center, lessons learned from Kazakhstan.

Ms. Malahat Hajiyeva, Head of the Unit on the implementation of State Program on De-institutionalization and Alternative Care; Ministry of Education, Government of Azerbaijan 
Day care of children in institutions – experience of children going home at night.



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