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Breakout 1


Chairperson: Ms. Irina Malancuic, International Expert on child care system reform, Moldova
Technical Resource Person: Mr. Peter Evans, International Consultant on Child Care Reform, UK
Rapporteur: Mr. Radoslaw Rzehak, Chief Child Protection, UNICEF Azerbaijan


Topic I: Mandates of statutory services and case management

Mr. Peter Evans, International expert on child care reform, UK
Functions of statutory services at local level in the reformed child care system challenges and lessons learned from CEE/CIS region

Ms. Tolkun Bekbulatova, Director of the Child Protection Department under the State Agency on Physical Culture and Sport, Youth and Child Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic
Development of the child protection system at local level through creating Family and Child Support Departments and Commissions on Children's Affairs.

Ms. Zuhra Madaminjanova, Strategic Research Centre of the President of Tajikistan
Child Rights Department’s role in ensuring development of gatekeeping and referral systems through case management. 


Discussion Topic II: Assuring access to services for groups at risk and coordinating responses from the public sector and other providers

Ms. Maira Suleeva, Chief Expert of Social Services Department Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Kazakhstan
Law on Specialized Social Services and its role in defining the minimum package of services and its potentials for enhancing plurality of service providers (incl. NGOs) in social protection.

Ms. Galina Samarskaya, Chief of Department of Innovative Social Methodology for Working with Children and Families, Social Rehabilitation Centre for Children, Moscow, Russia
Reforming the guardianship bodies in Russia,


Discussion Topic III: Methods and tools for good case management

Ms. Saida Jobirova, 1st Deputy Minister of Health, Tajikistan
Reducing the numbers of children with disabilities in institutions through gatekeeping practices – diagnosis, referral and provision of services and case review for children with physical and mental disabilities – some lessons learned on reforming Medico-Pedagogical Commissions into Psychological Medical Pedagogical Consultations in 4 districts of Taijikistan.



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