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Plenary 2

Mr. Abdulda Musaev, Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic

Technical resource

Mr. Peter Evans, International Expert on child care system reform, UK
Ms. Irina Malancuic, International Expert on child care system reform, Moldova

Mr. Alexandr Voinov, Director of the State Agency on Physical Culture and Sport, Youth and Child Protection of the Kyrgyz Republic
Reform example from Kyrgyzstan: Development of the child protection system in the Kyrgyz Republic, lessons learned and further steps of the reform

Mrs. Dilorom Mirsaidova, Chair of the Department on Youth, Sport and Tourism of the Presidential Office-Deputy Chair of the Commission on Child Rights under the Government of Tajikistan
Reform example from Tajikistan: Commission on Child Rights’ Child Protection Priorities – policy and practice

Mr. Sefer Koc, Deputy General Director, Social Services and Child Protection Agency and Mr. Zekeriya  Ertas, Director of Provincial Social Services and Child Protection, Izmir, Turkey
Reform example from Turkey: Development of social work profession as an important element in reforming the child care system  | Türk

Ms. Shemshat Atajanova, Head of the Democracy and Human Rights Issues Department, National Institute of Democracy and Human Rights under the President of Turkmenistan
Reform example from Turkmenistan: Preventing children from being separated from their families as a key priority for child welfare, including for children with disabilities (English).  | Türk



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