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Child Care System Reform: Central Asia Consultation 2009



Welcome to this site, which draws together a wealth of materials specially developed for the Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Turkey Child Care System Reform Consultation which took place under the umbrella of the 2nd Child Protection Forum for Central Asia – a bi-annual event which this time took place in May, 2009 in Kyrgyzstan.

More than 120 delegates, including delegations from the governments of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, participants from the NGO-sector, World Bank and independent experts from CEE/CIS shared knowledge, discussed best practices, and jointly agreed a declaration with action points on how to move forward. 

The three day consultation was an uplifting moment. It reflects how all the governments have begun to introduce changes to the child care systems in their countries. They recognise the need for child care systems reform and are interested in adopting world best practices for this system.

Within this site you will find data, research, presentations, and images from the May 12-14 consultation hosted by the Government of Kyrgyzstan, with UNICEF-support, in Bishkek, May 12 -14. These resources draw upon expert-thinking and some of the latest child care reform in these countries. Delegates spent time both in Plenary and in Breakout Sessions where they could drill deeper into child care reform policies and practices. All of this work is reflected here.

While UNICEF organized this meeting, it would not have been possible without the financial support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). We would also like to acknowledge the Government of Kyrgyzstan for its leadership in hosting this milestone event.

We hope that this site will prove a baseline on the progress of reforms so far in the participating countries and that it will remain a reference for delegates and Governments who attended the consultation; a reminder of what was achieved and what’s needed if we are to further, meaningful progress. For others, I hope these materials are useful building blocks for other, related, child care reform work; knowledge-sharing that ultimately bridges into concrete actions that will improve child welfare and the promotion and protection of rights for all children.
















Второй форум по защите детей «Создание и реформирование системы ухода за детьми»

Plenary 1

Plenary 2

Plenary 3

Breakout 1

Breakout 2

Breakout 3

Plenary 4

Plenary 5

Closing Session

пленарное заседание 1

пленарное заседание 2

пленарное заседание 3

пленарное заседание 4

пленарное заседание 5

Секция 1

Секция 2

Секция 3

пленарное заседание 6



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