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Schools in Turkmenistan assess effectiveness of teaching and child-friendly environment

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, 11 August 2008 – Today the Ruhnama school in Ashgabat has hosted school inspectors and specialists of who will learn the principles and steps of child-friendly school assessment. The school self-assessment programme designed by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and UNICEF, will help evaluate schools that promote child-centered learning environment.

During three day training, participants will familiarize themselves with methods of self-assessment, indicators to measure the effectiveness of teaching and impact of child-friendly environment. The guiding document for self-assessment will be guidelines and checklist with eighty questions related to child development, school space, personnel, administration and school’s interaction with local communities.

The assessment will first take place in child-friendly schools initially modeled in twenty six priority schools that promote five core elements, such as inclusiveness and gender-sensitivity; effectiveness for learning; safety and health of children; care and protection; and involvement of parents, families and communities in learning activities of their children and tracking their progress. Progressively, all schools in Turkmenistan will undergo the self-assessment process.

Later in August the Ministry of Education will organize the National teacher’s conference where UNICEF will present the concept of child-friendly schools and early childhood development to more than 70,000 school and kindergarten teachers, administrators and managers nationwide.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Gulshat Amandurdiyeva
UNICEF Education Officer
Phone: +99312 425681/82/86/86
Fax: +99312 420830

Ms. Gulyalek Soltanova
UNICEF Communication Officer
Phone: +99312 425681/82/86/86
Fax: +99312 420830



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